Experience Lowcountry Wildlife

Charleston’s mix of saltwater and brackish water habitats makes for an oasis for dolphins and other marine life. Dolphins can be seen in quiet tidal creeks, open inlets, and even a few miles upstream in slow, meandering rivers. The area’s relatively warm waters and plentiful food supply also mean dolphins can be found nearly year-round.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll see dolphins on your trip, we can take you to spots where we see them most often. Whether you spot a dolphin not, rest assured that there’s plenty of natural beauty to take in. On your search for dolphins, you’ll pass untouched marshes and restful estuaries. Birds, fish, historic sites and incredible views are all found in abundance in the South Carolina Lowcountry. 

Know-How That Counts

No matter if you’re out for dolphin cruise or a lengthy inlet excursion, you need the guidance of a trusted expert. Navigational expert Captain Dan Stoll has nearly 30 years of experience in all things boating and on the water. Captain Dan is well-versed in disaster response, ocean rescue, and emergency preparedness. When you’re with us, you can feel safe and concentrate on what’s important: making memories. 

Choose Your Preferred Boat

Of course, you’ll need watercraft that can get you where you need to go. The High Tide fleet consists of some of the most finely appointed and luxurious boats available. Features like Bluetooth speakers, comfortable seating, and deep, ice-filled coolers mean you can relax in style.

Explore our boat options, and let us know what your group is looking for. We’re always open to assisting you with your unique needs.

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A day on a boat is a day well spent, and dolphin watching can be very exciting as you explore! Join us for a great day on the water!

Charleston’s waterways have certainly developed a reputation—and with good reason. An array of inlets, rivers, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean provide ample choices for a truly memorable day on the water. Of course, there’s a very popular animal that also inhabits these waters! Dolphin tours in Charleston, SC offer a unique opportunity to see up-close the natural beauty that has made the lowcountry famous. High Tide Harbor Tours is pleased to offer a dolphin cruise in Charleston, SC perfect for everyone. Whether you have a brief trip or an all-day adventure in mind, we can make it happen. 

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